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APRC specializes in Exceptional U.S. Type and Ancient Coins for collectors and investors. I travel to every major coin show from coast to coast and have developed a reputation for being the most selective buyer in the room.   In addition, I am continually buying  great coins from the personal collections of customers.  When you deal with APRC, you deal exclusively with Evan Gale, sole proprietor and a professional numismatist for more than 35 years.

Feb. 21

  Amazing New Condition Rarities from a Deeply Stashed Private Collection Photographed and Listed in Regular Inventory and Below. 

 All PCGS and NGC Newps Photographed and Listed in Regular Inventory and below.  I'm Very Proud of this Group of Newps - Two months of purchases from private collections and the best of the January FUN show

    New Credit Card Acceptance Policy

Due to an increase in fraudulent credit card activity on my website, I will no longer accept credit card orders from new customers without a personal phone conversation and at least one active dealer reference.  If you are not an established customer with Aspen Park RC, please call 303-471-6074.

Change in "Terms and Conditions":

I have raised the fee for returning a coin paid by credit card from 2% to 3%, reflecting my actual credit card processing costs.  To explain, if you pay for a coin by credit card, I am charged a credit card processing fee which averages 3%.  So a coin selling for $1000 which is paid by credit card nets me $970.  If the coin is returned and I process a credit, I do not get a refund of the 3%.  So I will either credit your CC 97% of the purchase price or send a refund check for the same amount.

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 Truly AMAZING condition rarities from a privately held collection, selected for both technical quality and top end Eye-Appeal  

***1811 Classic Lg. Cent MS63BN PCGS   Cert. 25279227   Pop: 4, 1-63+, 3-64, none higher.  Sharp and even strike on mark free, lustrous surfaces and finished in deep chocolate brown patina…$20,500

***1838 Coronet Lg. Cent PR64 BN PCGS   Cert. 28533654   Est. 12 known.  Formerly NGC PF65, Pop: 3, 1-65, none higher.  Absolute top of the grade and easily condition census, this near gem is fully struck with immaculate surfaces and lovely light chocolate brown patina…$25,250

***1863 3 Cent Silver MS66 PCGS   Cert. 82900182   Pop: 22, 7 higher.  This awesome prooflike example shows a sharp strike with all detailing and lines bold, something you won’t see in many of this date.  Cameo devices contrast fully prooflike fields, giving this piece top end eye-appeal…$6000

***1868-S Liberty Seated Half Dime MS66+ PCGS   Cert. 81284910   Pop: 1, finest.  Gorgeous.  Fully struck and brilliant white with hint of golden patina and blazing luster.  Not sure how CU Price Guide sets a price on a coin that is pop: 1 and has no sales records,  is a bit disconcerting, but at a Price Guide of $6500 for a MS66, this pop: 1 “Plus” coin could easily blow by their stated value of $7900 in auction…$8650

***1832 Cap Bust Dime MS62 PCGS   Cert. 33878418   Fully struck and brilliant with light golden toning at the right periphery.  Great coin for the grade.  CU Price guide at $1850.  This coin…$1750

***1839 Liberty Seated Dime (No Drapery) MS66 PCGS   Cert. 82414649   Pop: 12, 8-67, 2-68.  An absolute STUNNER!!  Needle sharp strike and gorgeous golden rose and electric blue peripheral toning on blazing luster.                Obviously worth a premium for the color, this coin will never fail to please the viewer…$6500

***1856 Liberty Seated Dime (Small Date)  MS67+ PCGS / CAC   Cert. 04027695   Pop:1, finest.  A lovely Superb GEM, fully struck with pastel silvery rose going out to powder blue.  Basically flawless and fully lustrous.  As good as the date gets…$14,000

***1856 Liberty Seated Dime (Small Date) PR65 PCGS   Cert. 25631773   30-40 known.  Pop: 4, 3 higher.  Needle sharp strike and perfectly squared rims on this Gem proof.  Light golden patina in the center going to rose and blue at the peripheries…$13,500

***1857-O Liberty Seated Dime MS65 PCGS / CAC   Cert. 25697470   Pop: 14, 8-66, 1-66+, 3-67.  Full, sharp strike and brilliant white, basically as made and appearing to just be dropped from the presses.  Shimmering cartwheel luster and CAC approved.  Top of the grade…$3050

***1860 Liberty Seated Dime PR67+ CAMEO PCGS   Cert. 81479589   Pop: 3, 1 higher   A stunning original GEM with toning straight out the original Proof Set packaging.  Deep blue and rose on bright, fully reflective fields.  Amazing quality and beautiful to behold…$9850

***1864 Liberty Seated Dime MS67 PCGS   Cert. 82239498   Pop: 2, none higher.  A gorgeous original Superb GEM showing a needle sharp strike, immaculate surfaces and glowing luster on light violet rose with splashes of intense blue.  Gorgeous coin…$28,500

***1884-S Liberty Seated Dime MS66 PCGS   Cert. 82658755   Pop: 2, 1-67, 1-68.  Very cool CAMEO prooflike, well struck overall with brilliant, highly reflective fields…$8500

***1907-D Barber Dime MS66 PCGS / CAC    Cert. 25038056   Pop: 9, 2-67, 1-67+.  Awesome Barber Dime.  A true Gem showing a full strike, immaculate surfaces and glowing luster on a beautiful blend of silvery rose, orange and blue…$4800

***1857 Liberty Seated Quarter MS66 PCGS   Cert. 32853861   Pop: 35, 6-66+, 7-67, 2-67+, 1-68.  A sparkling GEM example of this type date showing glowing, immaculate surfaces and light silvery-golden patina.  Truly booming luster…$4750

***1876-CC Liberty Seated Quarter MS65 PCGS   Cert. 32268373   Pop: 13, 1-65+, 6-66, 1-66+, 2-67, 1-67+.  A bright, lovely GEM, fully struck with no distractions and glowing luster.  Just a hint of rose patina…$4500

***1878-S Liberty Seated Quarter MS64 PCGS   Cert. 81770831   Pop: 4, 3-65, 2-66, none higher.  A pleasing original GEM example of this scarce date.  Sharply struck with light silvery rose patina on highly lustrous surfaces…$8000

***1909 Barber Quarter MS65+ PCGS / CAC   Cert. 16135163   Pop: 2, 19-66, 3-66+, 3-67, none higher.  A super high end, super pleasing example that blows away most of the MS66’s I see.  Fully struck with light silvery-violet patina on glowing luster.  Rose and light blue reverse.   Immaculate surfaces.  Top, Top of the grade…$1350

***1827/6 Cap Bust Half MS62 PCGS   Cert. 25636891   A very pleasing example of this popular overdate.   Well struck with all detailing sharp front and back, something lacking in most Bust Halves generally.  Brilliant and lustrous with lovely golden peripheral toning….$3450

***1841-O Liberty Seated Half MS66 PCGS   Cert. 81479634   Pop: 1, finest (0-65)  An amazing example and the finest known by two full grade points.   Perfectly struck with every design elements finely detailed.  Surfaces and are superb and lovely silvery rose patina graces the fully lustrous surfaces, with the reverse enhanced by a ring of blue at the periphery.  No other example of the date has been found to close in quality and eye-appeal…$27,500

***1891 Liberty Seated Half MS66+ PCGS / CAC   Cert. 81609337   Pop: 4, 3-67, none higher.  A sparkling original with highly reflective prooflike surfaces, very clean surfaces are finished with light silvery patina on both sides…$10,500

***1895 Barber Half MS66 PCGS   Cert. 82915237   Pop: 3, 4-66+, 1-67.  An absolutely beautiful GEM, sharply struck with full cartwheel luster on light silvery patina, going to bright golden-rose completely circling the peripheries of both sides.  Outstanding quality and eye-appeal…$5500

***1899 Barber Half MS67 PCGS   Cert. 25656808   Pop: 1, 1-67+.   One of the most stunningly beautiful Barber halves I have seen.  Awesome quality combined with gorgeous toning produces a centerpiece of any Barber collection.  Medium violet blue blends to golden at the obverse peripheries.  Reverse is mind-blowing, showing bright blue-green centers blending into orange-rose-violet circling the periphery.  Intense, glowing luster finishes this masterpiece…$27,500

***1903 Barber Half MS66 PCGS Cert. 05909391   Pop:5, none higher.  Another beautiful GEM Barber Half.  Fully detailed strike, superb surfaces and lovely silvery rose and blue patina on both sides.  Finished with glowing luster.  Exceptional in every way…$14,000

***1942 Walking Half PR67+ PCGS   Cert. 83215554   Basically a perfect brilliant GEM with light CAMEO devices contrasting deeply reflective fields.  A stunner…$1200

Newps from private aquisitions and the January FUN show 

1787 Fugio “States United” MS63BN NGC   Cert. 4336564-001   Absolutely among my favorite type coins, Fugios are so difficult to find in acceptable condition, meaning “acceptable for APRC”.  Possibly one in ten will meet my standards for the grade and this one is all there.  First this piece is just barely shy of fully struck, with weakness only in the “M” and “BU” of MIND YOUR BUSINESS.  All other design details bold, putting this piece in the top 5% for strike.  Planchet is problem free, no pitting or discoloration.  Finished with an even chocolate brown color, this Fugio is sure to please for…$3750

1817 Coronet Large Cent (13 Stars) MS64BN PCGS / CAC   Cert. 32697297   Well struck with super clean fields.  Lovely even chocolate brown color and full luster.  At the very top of the grade…$2300

1852 Braided Hair Cent MS66BN PCGS   Cert. 82630017   Solidly struck and basically flawless.  Even light brown color on fully lustrous surfaces.  All MS66’s are not created equal and this is one of the best of the grade…$1775

*ON HOLD*  1857 Braided Hair Cent (Small Date) PR66BN PCGS / CAC   Cert. 25226454   Pop: 5, with none graded higher.  An incredible original Gem, perfectly struck with needle sharp details.  Finished with glowing reflective surfaces flashing violet and green-blue highlights.  As good as it gets…$15750

1883 Indian Cent PR66BN PCGS   Cert. 82622607   A beautiful blend of blue and violet on pristine, fully reflective surfaces.  Tremendous eye-appeal for the price…$1700

*ON HOLD*  1883 Indian Cent PR66BN PCGS   Cert. 25205891   Absolutely stunning bright blue portrait seems to jump off the fields of this AMAZING Proof Indian.  Reverse perfectly complements the obverse with bright blue lettering and wreath.  One of the most incredible toned Proof Indians I have viewed…$2850

1937 Lincoln Cent PR67RD PCGS   Light cameo and utterly amazing.  Bright and fully reflective with no distractions or toning.  Exactly as made and extremely rare as such…$5500

1941 Lincoln Cent PR67RD PCGS / CAC   Pop: 8, none higher, with only four specimens CAC’d (both NGC and PCGS).  Certainly among the absolute finest of the date in existence, one of the CAC coins is certainly unappealing.   This specimen is bright, fully reflective and spot free, virtually as the day it dropped from the presses…$17,500

1864 Two Cent MS66RB PCGS   Cert. 81690885   A sparkling GEM, fully struck with a lovely blend of violet-rose and blue highlighting the lustrous surfaces…$1675

1881 3C Nickel PR67* CAMEO NGC   Cert. 5141967-002   An strongly struck undisturbed CAMEO Superb Gem.  Nice contrast against fully reflective mirrors and awarded a Star by NGC for top end eye-appeal…$1650

1866 Shield Nickel (Rays Obv.) MS65 PCGS   Cert. 81951585   By far the biggest issue with “Rays” nickels is the plethora of weakly struck specimens.  About 70-80% show obvious weakness.  Here is a wonderful exception showing a needle sharp strike on both sides, with full shield lines and completely defined stars and rays on back.  Basically devoid of contact marks and other distractions, this great “first year of issue” is finished with full glowing luster…$1900

1911 Liberty Nickel MS66 PCGS   Cert. 81666475   Fully detailed strike front and back with light rose-gold patina overall and finished with glowing luster.  Top of the grade…$800

1800 Draped Bust Half Dime VF35 PCGS / CAC   Cert. 08452850   Wow!!  An original early half dime showing a solid, even strike and wear, with natural medium silvery gray patina, just the way it is supposed to look.  These are few and far between.  As the great majority of PCGS and NGC certified early half dimes are faaaaaarrrrrr from original, price guides are weak.  This is the real deal at just a few percent over CU Guide value…$4900

*ON HOLD*  1830 Cap Bust Half Dime PR65+ CAMEO PCGS / CAC   Cert. 25304398   Of only 5-6 known proofs, this specimen is Pop: 1 in  CAMEO, none lower or higher,  with one grading event at PR65 (I have reason to believe it’s the same coin, but not verifiable).  OMG!!!  What a stunning early proof.  Sparkling thick white CAMEO is surrounded by gorgeous rose and blue patina on bright, fully reflective fields.  A stunner and real value at…$68,500

1860 Seated Liberty Half Dime MS66 PCGS  Cert. 82625545   A little jewel, full struck with absolutely complete Liberty head detail, often lacking on this type.  Light silvery rose patina overall going to deeper bluish patina at the peripheries.   Superb surfaces and glowing luster.  Great “Legend Obverse” type coin…$1125

*ON HOLD*  1843 Seated Liberty Dime PR66 PCGS / CAC   Cert. 25222896   Of only 8-12 known proof specimens, this is the standout and Pop: 1, finest graded.  Beautiful original GEM, show a sharp strike and deep, original blue highlights on bright, fully reflective fields.  A major rarity and incredible value at…$34,500

1890 Seated Liberty Dime MS66 NGC   Cert. 3316910-001   Brilliant white, fully struck and lustrous.  Pretty much as made…$1175

*ON HOLD*  1856-O Seated Liberty Quarter MS65 PCGS   Cert. 81994062   Pop: 3, none higher.  A beautiful GEM example of this scarce New Orleans issue.  Starting with a solid strike, this lovely original shows light rose and blue patina on superb surfaces and is finished with full luster…$15,000

1859 Seated Liberty Quarter PR64 PCGS   Cert. 82249370   Deep blue with rose highlights overall, this very cool specimen is fully struck and fully reflective.  A wonderful and affordable example of the “No Motto” type…$2500

1807 Draped Bust Half VF20 PCGS / CAC   Cert. 28866803   Pleasing and distraction free original…$875

1827 Cap Bust Half MS65+ PCGS / CAC (Friend Pedigree)  Cert. 26813367   In my mind this piece blows away every MS66 Bust Half I have seen.  Very sharply struck, superb, virtually mark free surfaces.  No “rubby” look to the cheek as is so prevalent with this type and full, glowing luster on silvery-golden-rose patina.  A MONSTER Bust Half without the mega-buck price tag…$16,500

*ON HOLD*  1828 Cap Bust Half (O-102, No Knob, Curl 2, “Ex Col. EHR Green” Pedigree) MS62 NGC / CAC   Cert. 2037687-079   Own a piece of numismatic history and a fabulous original Bust Half on the cheap.  Showing a solid strike front and back this very cool coin exhibits wonderful original two-tone silvery gray patina, giving it an awesome look…$1690

1834 Cap Bust Half (Lg. Date, Lg. Letter) MS62 PCGS   Cert. 25533500   Taking it down a couple notches in grade, but keeping all the eye-appeal, this affordable Bust Half shows intense bright blue with rose highlights.  Fully struck and fully lustrous with absolutely no distractions…$1975

1885 Seated Liberty Half PF64 CAMEO NGC / CAC   Cert. 4195615-003   A flashy brilliant blazing Black and White CAMEO.  Super flash and eye-appeal.  Zero haze…$2275

*ON HOLD*  1897 Barber Half PR65+ DEEP CAMEO PCGS   Cert. 82186214    ABSOLUTE MONSTER eye appeal!!!  One of the most beautiful of the type I have seen and certainly the most Monstrous PR65 Barber Half I have ever listed.  Thick white CAMEO on DEEP, DEEP Mirrors, finished with a ring of golden and deep blue peripheral toning on BOTH sides.  A wonder coin…$5950

1909 Barber Half MS65 PCGS   Cert. 82476104   This coin is the Mint State twin of the Deep Cameo Proof above.  Brilliant and fully GEM, this beauty boasts a ring of golden and bright blue circling the peripheries of both sides.  “What a pair” as they say, not necessarily referring to coins…$2375

1945 Walking Liberty Half MS66   Cert. 81757215    I basically don’t buy common Walkers, but this one has lovely light golden-orange-rose peripheral patina, giving it that special look…$375

1936 Proof Set   Purchased from a collection that came into a coin shop, this 1936 Proof set has to be one of the best:

Lincoln Cent Satin PR66+ RD PCGS / CAC  Cert.   81875777   Pop: 3, with one grading PR67.   Stunning bright RED original GEM with rose highlights.

Buffalo Nickel Satin PR67+ PCGS / CAC   Cert.   81958986   Virtual perfection with very light silvery blue and rose patina.

Mercury Dime PR66 PCGS / CAC   Cert. 81875775   Brilliant and flashy GEM

Washington Quarter PR66 PCGS   Cert. 81875776   Brilliant and flashy with just a hint of cellophane patina.

Walking Half PR66 PCGS / CAC   Cert. 81875778   Brilliant and flashy GEM.  Scarce with this flashy, fully reflective look.

This original set was housed in a capital plastic holder for most of its life and remains in virtually perfect condition.  The Buffalo was submitted twice, thus the different cert number.  All of these coins are tough in Gem, but the Lincoln is the show stopper…$30,000

1799 Draped Bust Dollar VF30 PCGS   Cert. 32513216   As I have expressed many times, the grading services put damn near any abused Bust Dollar in a holder, but very few are virgin originals.  Here is one of the exceptions.   Solid even strike on the obverse with exceptional detailing on the reverse.  Distraction free original surfaces are graced with perfect silvery gray patina.  Maybe one in twenty certified and graded early dollars can be said to be original…maybe…Add “problem free” and it’s more like one in fifty…$3100

1873 Seated Liberty Dollar (Motto) PR64CAM   Cert. 04113479   Well, this is simply a no brainer Deep Mirror with snowy white, undisturbed CAMEO devices on both sides.  A wonder coin that looks more like a modern “silver round” than a 150 year old coin.  Monster Black and White distraction free Deep Cameo (designated CAM, not DCAM)…$8950

1875-S Trade Dollar MS65 NGC   Cert. 3904399-004   A beautiful, shimmering, fully struck original GEM.  A light blend of silvery-rose-blue on bright, fully lustrous surfaces.  Reverse is similar, just slight deeper in color.  A great Trade dollar…$6875

*ON HOLD*  1880-S Morgan Dollar MS67PL PCGS / CAC   Cert. 82660016    WOW!!!  This coin is a STUNNER.  I just viewed the one and only MS69 PL example, which sold for about $100K at the January FUN Heritage auction and this coin blows it away in terms of sheer eye-appeal…by about 10X.  The “69” example was barely Cameo, had roller marks on the face of Liberty and was barely PL.  This coin shows thick, undisturbed white CAMEO FROST on deeply mirrored fields.  A monster that will never let you down.  This piece will save you about $95,000 and offers a coin you will actually love to look at…$3000

1880-S Morgan Dollar MS67+ PCGS / CAC   Cert. 82130773   A super pleasing Superb Gem showing very light rose patina, slightly deeper in and around the devices and finished with light blue and rose at the peripheries.  Reverse is basically brilliant white with bright golden-orange and blue circling the periphery.  Just a beauty and wonderful representation of the Morgan type…$1500

1883-CC Morgan Dollar MS64DMPL PCGS   Cert. 82218751   Just so much better than average for the grade, I had to buy it….$585

1889 Morgan Dollar PR64CAM PCGS   Cert. 31510043   You may have noticed how seldom a Proof Morgan Dollar is offered here.  I can assure you it is not because I don’t like them.  I love Morgan Proofs, just don’t see many I want to buy.  This coin has the look of a GEM and is a GEM, but has a light line in the field about 4 o’clock on the obverse.  Reverse is flat out GEM.  Brilliant with a nice white CAMEO and deeply reflective fields.  Golden-rose edge and rim toning around both sides, this Proof screams GEM eye-appeal.  The little scratch is a bummer, but knocks about $10,000 off the price, so enjoy this little bargain…$5500

1921 Morgan Dollar MS66 PCGS / CAC   Cert. 82158817   This has to be the first 1921 Morgan Dollar ever to grace my website.  Just thought it had the look.  Brilliant white, super clean and lustrous…so much better than you normally find for the grade…$1075

1888 T-3 Gold Dollar PR65 Deep Cameo PCGS   Cert. 82993956   These little jewels tend to have lots of issues, mainly with breaks in the frost of the CAMEO…and they will still grade PR65, 66 and 67.   Not so with this gorgeous GEM.  Fully frosted CAMEO devices are unbroken and contrast the Deep Mirrors on both sides.  A beauty…$14,500

1834 Classic $2.5 MS61 NGC   Cert. 2082699-002   Well struck with scattered unobtrusive contact marks, consistant with the grade and showing flashy semi-prooflike fields…$3800

*ON HOLD*  1902 $2.5 Liberty MS65 PCGS   Cert. 81318162   A true Gem, fully struck, devoid of contact marks and fully lustrous…$1150

1906 $2.5 Liberty MS66 PCGS Cert. 82627680   A lovely original Gem, fully struck and lustrous on light golden-rose patina…$1500

1910 $2.5 Indian MS64 PCGS   Cert. 82191583   A very strong 64, with a solid strike, clean surfaces and full luster on light golden rose patina…$1850

1900 $5 Liberty MS65+   PCGS Cert. 82186796   Unlike most, this $5 Lib is fully deserving of the plus designation.  Well struck front and back with an absolute minimum of minor contact marks and full luster over light golden-rose pastina…$2950

1909-D $5 Indian MS64 NGC / CAC  Just purchased from the private collection of a very selective buyer, this Indian is at the top of the grade for strike, clean surfaces and original color…$2600

1912-S $5 Indian MS62 PCGS   Cert. 82621985    Looks closer to MS63 than MS62 IMO.  A true Unc. with minimal contact marks and good luster.   With a MS63 at $15,500, this is real value at… $6350

1926 $10 Indian MS64+ NGC / CAC   Cert. 3815332-005   A flashy original, deserving of the grade and CAC sticker.  Great eye-appeal and from the same collection as the CAC $5 Indian listed above…$1975

1882-S $20 Liberty MS62 PCGS   Cert. 81628795   Looking for a great example of this date rarity without breaking the bank.  Compare this to a MS64 coins and you will be amazed.  Fully struck with flashy semi-prooflike fields.  Virtually free of contact marks, but a few stray hairlines account the grade without taking away from the awesome eye-appeal.  A MS63 is price guide at $17,500 and MS64 at $45,000.  This beauty is probably more attractive that either if you were fortunate enough to find one and afford it…$5950

Early Commemoratives:

1900 Lafayette Dollar AU58 NGC  Cert. 2683476-001   A super cool Lafayette showing just a hint of wear, but awesome toning.  Silvery rose centers going to bright turquoise blue ringing the fields on both sides.  Like nothing I have ever seen…$1000

1934 Maryland MS67 PCGS   Cert. 82438771   A lovely Superb Gem showing light to medium blend of violet-rose and blue on the obverse, light golden on the reverse.  Fully lustrous…$1900

The Fascinating World of Ancient Coins

I started looking at ancient coins seriously at the April, 2011 Chicago International Show, which is dominated by ancients.  I looked at every coin at the show and auction and noticed that very few really drew my attention.  There was lots of stuff…but few exceptional coins.  I was also struck by the fact that the prices of the coins I liked seemed incredibly inexpensive, considering how few there were in the room that I wanted.  So I began to buy coins, not knowing a Greek from a Roman from a Parthian……. Since that time, I have devoted more than a thousand hours to study, mostly by viewing every ancient at every show and auction and comparing prices and also pouring over major auction catalogs going back about 20 years.  Any farther back and the photos and descriptions are so lacking that the catalogs are of no value to me.  In this way I have viewed thousands of the best ancients sold over the past couple decades.

Every ancient is different and the artistry of the dies vary dramatically.  Most types have hundreds, if not thousands of different dies, made by a myriad of different die cutters, some inept, some talented and some masters.  In addition, every flan is different and every strike is different. Beyond these considerations, surface quality and toning also vary dramatically and those characteristics are seldom addressed by most dealers or auction catalogs when selling raw coins. Surface quality is extremely important in the valuation of ancients and it cannot be evaluated when viewing the great majority of photographs on dealer websites and auction catalogs.   Like fingerprints, no two coins are the same.  I am bringing the APRC eye into the fascinating arena of ancient coins and I plan to offer the best coins available on this website.  There is more subjectivity to the evaluation of quality and value than in any other segment of numismatics...and I am well-known to excel in that evaluation.

My goal is to offer ancients of exceptional quality and beauty.  I am hoping to buy and sell these wonderful relics for many years to come.  After collecting rare coins for more than 50 years and dealing in them for more than 30, I have come to believe they are the most fascinating segment of the numismatic market.  The historical significance and sheer artistry is unrivaled in my opinion by any other area of numismatics.  

I try to price coins at "fair market" value.  But as you will begin to understand as you enter the realm of ancient coins, that value can be somewhat difficult to ascertain.  I encourage collectors to research values as best they can. There is a huge amount of information available on the internet if you dig for it.  I also encourage collectors to check out the websites of other ancient dealers to see what is available on the market and get an idea of current pricing.  Be aware that auction pricing can be out of date and that most photographs of raw coins convey little or no information about surface quality or patina.  

My general policy is that once a coin is placed on hold, the price will remain the same. The exception to that rule is if I have made a mistake and priced the coin incorrectly when I listed it.  I will not be held to any pricing errors or typos.  I feel completely free to change the price after a customer has considered a particular coin and passed.   

My conclusion is that it is the customer’s responsibility to research the values of any coin he is considering and to be comfortable with the purchase.  Do your research before you buy.  And I would apprciate it if you would do your research before I send a coin on sight approval.  I understand you want to see the coin, but please be comfortable with the price before you ask me to send it.


A Quick Note About my Photographs:  For some reason, many of my photos tend to have a reddish cast that is not on the coin.  I have noticed that a photograph taken at a certain angle shows this characteristic and from another angle, it may not.  So my conclusion is this is caused by some sort of prism effect in the plastic.  Please read my descriptions when viewing a coin and keep this in mind.  I try to edit the photo to match the coin as closely as possible, but it is not always possible to entirely negate this effect.  

Another problem I encounter, particularly with ancients, is that the design is sometimes of such high relief, that I cannot get the entire design to be in focus with the Macro lens I use and its inherently narrow depth of field.  What might look somewhat mushy or out of focus is probably a photography problem, not the coin.  

One last point to keep in mind is that the color balance of your computer screen will not be exactly the same as mine, so each screen will present the photo with a slightly different look.  

Sign Up for the New Ancients Email List

I have started a separate email list for Ancient customers.  If you would like to receive an email notification when new ancient coins have been added to the web sight, please send me an email.  The great majority of ancient coins I have been buying are raw and I send them to NGC for grading, which takes about 30-40 days turn around. So I will be photographing and uploading new purchases onto my web sight at different times than the US coins, which are added within one week of returning from a show.

I love coins and my website has always been a reflection of my personal interests in rare coins.  I started collecting coins at the age of eight and have been a professional rare coin dealer for more than 33 years.  This long, enjoyable journey seems to have found an end in ancient coins.  I find all ancients interesting and Greek ancients in particular, fascinating. The history and artistry is unmatched in my opinion. Exceptional specimens of all ancients are scarce and I love the challenge of finding great coins. My interest has coincidentally coincided with NGC starting to grade them and I believe the market will grow considerably as collectors who are accustomed to "slabbed" coins become exposed to NGC ancients and grow more and more comfortable with this exciting area of numismatics.


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